Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Product Review: Philosophy Hope in a Jar

I got this cream as part of a set for Christmas, and I could not wait to try it! I have heard so many wonderful reviews.

Hope in a Jar

Philosophy’s Website says the following about this moisturizing cream:

you need this product if...

  • you want to give your skin a drink of water, not a cup of oil
  • your skin is normal with a traditional t-zone
  • your skin is sallow and you want it to be more rosy
  • your skin is sun damaged
  • you like a moisturizer that is lightweight and non-greasy
  • you want skin that is makeup optional
  • So let’s see how it did for me…..

    Give my skin a drink of water? Check! It is a really soothing, non-greasy cream.

    Your skin is normal with a traditional t-zone? Well, that doesn’t really apply to me. I have very dry skin with an oily t-zone. However, I did find it quite moisturizing considering it is not oily. I do this this would definitely work for anyone with normal/combo skin.

    Your skin is sallow and you want it to be more rosy? Check! I did find that after using this for about a week, my skin seemed a bit more glowy.

    Your skin is sun damaged? Well, my skin is kind of sun damaged, I suppose. But did this cream do anything for that damage? There is really no way for me to know. My fine lines didn’t disappear unfortunately!

    You want skin that is makeup optional? This also did not get rid of my dark under-eye circles, so nay on this point.

    Now saying all that, I think this is a very good basic moisturizer. I don’t expect any cream to get rid of lines that are already there, or dark circles. I would have happily used this every day, except for one thing… the SMELL.

    This stuff smells absolutely horrid!!! I felt like I was rubbing some kind of pepper sauce on my face. No, it didn’t burn, it just has a really peppery smell. After about a week, I just couldn’t take it anymore, and now it’s sitting at the back of my drawer :(

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