Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Girls Night

I went to a bachelorette party last weekend, and here is a pic of me and one of my best friends. I did her makeup as well. If I look kind of goofy here, blame the martini's ;) Yumyum!

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FOTD March 13th 2009

Once again, another FOTD where I did not write down what I used!
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I am Twittering! @glossiplicity

I am now on twitter, in two places actually!  If you want to follow my glossiplicity twitters, you’ll find me just by that name.  And if you feel inclined to follow my personal twitters, you’ll find me as leenybeeny.

Hope to see you there!  Tweet at me and I will follow you back! 

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Product Review: Philosophy Hope in a Jar

I got this cream as part of a set for Christmas, and I could not wait to try it! I have heard so many wonderful reviews.

Hope in a Jar

Philosophy’s Website says the following about this moisturizing cream:

you need this product if...

  • you want to give your skin a drink of water, not a cup of oil
  • your skin is normal with a traditional t-zone
  • your skin is sallow and you want it to be more rosy
  • your skin is sun damaged
  • you like a moisturizer that is lightweight and non-greasy
  • you want skin that is makeup optional
  • So let’s see how it did for me…..

    Give my skin a drink of water? Check! It is a really soothing, non-greasy cream.

    Your skin is normal with a traditional t-zone? Well, that doesn’t really apply to me. I have very dry skin with an oily t-zone. However, I did find it quite moisturizing considering it is not oily. I do this this would definitely work for anyone with normal/combo skin.

    Your skin is sallow and you want it to be more rosy? Check! I did find that after using this for about a week, my skin seemed a bit more glowy.

    Your skin is sun damaged? Well, my skin is kind of sun damaged, I suppose. But did this cream do anything for that damage? There is really no way for me to know. My fine lines didn’t disappear unfortunately!

    You want skin that is makeup optional? This also did not get rid of my dark under-eye circles, so nay on this point.

    Now saying all that, I think this is a very good basic moisturizer. I don’t expect any cream to get rid of lines that are already there, or dark circles. I would have happily used this every day, except for one thing… the SMELL.

    This stuff smells absolutely horrid!!! I felt like I was rubbing some kind of pepper sauce on my face. No, it didn’t burn, it just has a really peppery smell. After about a week, I just couldn’t take it anymore, and now it’s sitting at the back of my drawer :(

    Thursday, March 19, 2009

    Product Review: Biodroga Oxygen Formula Night Cream

    Okay, I have saved the best for last. While I found the other three Biodroga products I bought decent enough, but not worth the price tag, that is not the case with this cream. This cream is for dry skin and is meant to "oxygenate" your skin. I have no idea whether or not my skin gets any more oxygen from using this, but what I do know is that it is an incredibly luxurious moisturizer for very dry skin. It is very thick, so a little goes a long way. Even though it is thick it doesn't feel super greasy as long as you use a light hand. I have to admit though that my skin is so dry that I like a very thick feeling cream.

    When I apply it, my skin seems like it plumps right up and almost glows. I wake up in the morning and my skin still feels moisturized and not tight, like it has in the past when I use a lighter cream. It is $90 for a jar, but considering I have been using this same jar for six months and have not hit the bottom yet, it is worth this much and then some! I have been getting a lot of compliments on my skin lately, and I think this cream has a lot to do with that since it always looks so much better when it's moisturized and not so dehydrated.

    Sunday, March 15, 2009

    Product Review: Biodroga Vitalizing Formula Moisturizer

    When I purchased my set of Biodroga products, one was the Vitalizing Formula Day Cream. It does not have SPF even though it is meant for daytime. That is okay by me because I tend to layer an SPF moisturizer overtop my regular moisturizer, or use a foundation with SPF.

    This is meant to leave skin smoother and more radiant as well as reduce wrinkle depth an average of 43% over four weeks.

    I used this product for a couple of months and it was a very fresh, light feeling moisturizer. It seemed to cool my skin which was really lovely when my eczema was flaring up. It also gave my skin a nice glow. It didn't however reduce any signs of fine lines on my face. Also, it wasn't moisturizing enough for my very dry skin. I think this would be a wonderful choice for anyone with normal skin looking for a silky moisturizer that leaves the skin looking bright. It is $90 a jar, so it's up to you whether you want to spend that much! It does have a much nicer texture than the less expensive creams I have used.

    Monday, March 9, 2009

    Product Review: Biodroga Toner for oily and combination skin

    I got this toner several months ago along with some other Biodroga products. This toner is meant for oily and combination skin. It was recommended to me due to the breakouts I was having on my chin and around my nose. This toner contains alcohol, but I didn't realize that until I got it home. The problem here is that while it was okay for drying out my oily t-zone, it was way too harsh to use on the rest of my face. With a $50 pricetag, I won't be buying this again!

    Saturday, March 7, 2009

    Product Review: Biodroga Cleansing Fluid for Impure Skin

    Several months ago I went to HydeAway Spa in Mississauga, ON for a facial. They use Biodroga products and I came home with about $500 worth of product. Ouch. So is this European brand worth the price? I have been using these products this whole time and thought that is plenty of time go give a fair review.

    This is a gentle cleanser with a fairly watery consistency. It is geared towards combination skin. One thing I like about cleansers is a nice lather. This does not give that. When I got this cleanser I didn't have my Clarisonic cleansing brush yet. When I use just my hands with this cleanser, I can't get all of my makeup off (even foundation, I use eye makeup remover for my eyes). However when I do use my Clarisonic, it gets my makeup off quite nicely and leaves my skin clean, but not tight. It has a funny taste - and don't tell me you don't get a bit in your mouth when you're washing your face!

    So is this worth the $50 price tag? Unfortunately not. I have used many drug store cleansers that I like much better than this one.

    Sunday, March 1, 2009

    Hello Kitty "Stylin'"

    Here is my recreation of the Hello Kitty "Stylin'" facechart using substitutes.

    Studio Fix Fluid NC30
    BeneFit LemonAid
    Too Faced Snow Bunny Bronzer

    Bare Canvas Paint
    Fairylite Pigment
    Violet Pigment
    Showtopper e/s
    Black liner
    MARK Cleo liquid liner
    Spunsilver glitter liner

    Cream O Spice liner
    High Tea l/s
    Icescape l/g
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    Hello Kitty "Glitterpuss"

    This is my recreation of the Hello Kitty "Glitterpuss" facechart, using substitutes:

    Studio Fix Fluid NC30
    BeneFit LemonAid
    Avon Bronzer
    Springsheen Blush

    Rubanesque paintpot
    Brown (unknown brand)
    Dipdown f/l
    Copperfield glitter liner
    EA Umber

    Spice liner
    Jubilee l/s
    Ola Mango l/g
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    My Birthday Face!

    It was my 32nd birthday on February 24th, and I wore some of my favourite colours.. yellows and oranges. I always feel so bright and sunny with this kind of look.

    MUFE HD 140
    BeneFit LemonAid
    Avon Bronzer
    Style Blush

    Primary Yellow Chromaline
    Gold Dusk Pigment
    Melon Pigment
    D'Bohemia e/s
    Orange e/s
    Peacocked glitter liner
    Blacktrack Fluidline

    Creamkiss liner
    Meltdown lipstick
    Clear lipgloss
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