Saturday, March 7, 2009

Product Review: Biodroga Cleansing Fluid for Impure Skin

Several months ago I went to HydeAway Spa in Mississauga, ON for a facial. They use Biodroga products and I came home with about $500 worth of product. Ouch. So is this European brand worth the price? I have been using these products this whole time and thought that is plenty of time go give a fair review.

This is a gentle cleanser with a fairly watery consistency. It is geared towards combination skin. One thing I like about cleansers is a nice lather. This does not give that. When I got this cleanser I didn't have my Clarisonic cleansing brush yet. When I use just my hands with this cleanser, I can't get all of my makeup off (even foundation, I use eye makeup remover for my eyes). However when I do use my Clarisonic, it gets my makeup off quite nicely and leaves my skin clean, but not tight. It has a funny taste - and don't tell me you don't get a bit in your mouth when you're washing your face!

So is this worth the $50 price tag? Unfortunately not. I have used many drug store cleansers that I like much better than this one.

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