Friday, May 29, 2009

Product Review: Elizabeth Arden All Gone Eye and Lip Makeup Remover

I really need a good eye makeup remover. I use a lot of makeup on my eyes since I really enjoy playing them up. I generally use some kind of base, then eyeshadow, and tonnes of mascara, and more often than not I am using some kind of waterproof liner or glitter. Because of this, I always pick an eye makeup remover that is oil based.

From the Elizabeth Arden website:

  • This two phase formulation easily and gently removes even transfer resistant and waterproof makeup. Fragrance free.

This does a nice job on light-medium eye makeup, and with a bit of scrubbing can remove heavier makeup. However, I find the oil content too low, so when removing my eye makeup, it feels a bit too abrasive. For me, a really oily makeup remover feels silky and my makeup just slides off with little effort. I have sensitive skin and don't like to have to rub too hard. So this one is up there, but not *quite* at the top. That being said, it is much better than any one single phase, gel or cream based eye makeup removers I have used. At $16.00 US the price is reasonable, but I find I use a lot more than my normal brand, which I will review later on!

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Product Review: Elizabeth Arden Ceramide Time Complex Moisture Cream SPF 15


From the Elizabeth Arden Website:

The continuous-release super moisturizer that minimizes the appearance of the visible signs of aging:

  • Boost skin's hydration level over 450% after one hour.
  • Helps provide all-day (up to 15 hours) skin-essential moisture.
  • Reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.
  • A unique combination of Ceramides I and III helps prevent vital moisture loss.
  • HCA, part of an advanced Alpha-Hydroxy Complex, gently improves exfoliation, helping reduce fine lines and wrinkles.
  • A moisture-binding polymer network of Glycerin, Sodium Lactate and Hyaluronic Acid helps attract and bind moisture to the skin.
  • With SPF 15, for added protection from damaging UV exposure.

I find myself really becoming an Elizabeth Arden fan.  I treat myself to these products whenever there is a bonus.  I received the Ceramide Time Complex Moisture Cream as a part of a bonus and used the sample for well over a week.  This cream is absolutely lovely!  As I find with all of the Ceramide line of products that I have tried, it is very smooth and luxurious feeling.  It doesn’t have an overpowering scent, nor does it smell like sunscreen!  It is quite moisturizing and feels luxurious.  As for the AHA Complex… I don’t feel any tingling when I apply it, which tells me that maybe the AHA in this really doesn’t do all that much.  I know when I have put a good AHA cream on my face.  I can definitely feel it.  I highly recommend this for anyone with dry skin.

White eyeliner! What do you think?

I really love the way white eyeliner on the waterline looks…. on some people!  But I have large eyes and I think it may make my eyes look rather droopy.  Every time I looked in the mirror when I was wearing this look, it jut felt - off.  What do you guys think??



Pure White Chromaline
Gesso e/s
Electric Eel e/s
Mystery e/k
Fascinating e/k
Well Dressed blush
Courtly l/s
Unknown l/g

Sunday, May 3, 2009

FOTD May 3rd, 2009

IMG_0626IMG_0635 IMG_0633 

This look was inspired by the beautiful Nyla2120.  This is her “It’s Electric” look!  I just had to try it when I put on this shirt this morning. Yes, I am a matchy-matchy kinda girl!

Sea Me s/s
Electric Eel e/s
Seedy Pearl e/s
Creme de Violet e/s
Noctournelle e/s
Intoxicate e/s
Prunella e/k
Black Russian e/l
BeneFit Hoola
Plum l/l
Divine gloss
Avon Mad About Mauve blush

Perfume: Ralph Lauren Blue

FOTD May 2nd, 2009

IMG_0614 IMG_0624 IMG_0625

Flammable paint
Bare Canvas paint
Cranberry e/s
Crimsonette e/s
Beauty Marked e/s
Mythology e/s
Grain e/s
Raven e/l
Blacktrack f/l
BeneFit Hoola
Enchantress l/g
Revved Up pigment (on lips)
Soar l/l
Cubic Blush

FOTD May 1st, 2009

IMG_0606 IMG_0610 IMG_0611

I have to show off the necklace in this pic.  It was made for me by a very good friend.  If you want more information on her jewellery, please let me know.  She doesn’t have a website, but does custom orders and her prices are ridiculously low!

Pink Couture Shadestick
Grand Entrance e/s
Flirty Number e/s
Trax e/s
Deckchair pigment
Off the Radar pigment
Mauvement  pigment
Style blush
Frenzy l/s
Jest l/s

FOTD April 25th, 2009

IMG_0591 IMG_0595 IMG_0596

I forgot to write down what I used for this one!

Saturday, May 2, 2009

FOTD April 15th, 2009

 IMG_0573 IMG_0577

Perky Paintpot
Jest e/s
Sushi Flower e/s
Fly-by-Blu liner
Bang on Blue e/s
Blu-Noir e/s
Romping e/s
Blacktrack Fluidine
BeneFit HighBrow
BeneFit Hoola
Sweet William blush
Angeldish l/s
Nymphette l/g