Friday, June 26, 2009

Product Review: Garnier Skin Renew Anti-Sun-Damage Lotion for Face and Eyes

I have been very lucky to receive some free things in the mail by being a BzzAgent . About a month ago I received a full size bottle of Garnier's Skin Renew Anti-Sun-Damage Lotion for Face and for Eyes. Here is some info from Garnier's website:
"New Skin Renew Anti-Sun-Damage is clinically proven to reverse the signs of sun damage, including fine lines, discolourations and dullness, in four weeks."
I have been using both lotions for a month now, every day before I put on my makeup. The lotion for face is SPF28 which I love because most moisturizers have only SPF15. The lotion for eyes is SPF15. These are very rich lotions and I would highly recommend them for anyone with very dry skin. Since I have been using them, I have not once needed to apply cream to my face during the day, which I normally do. That being said, I don't find it greasy or heavy feeling and it absorbs into the skin nicely. It gives amazing sun protection and after several days of long sun exposure, I didn't get any redness on my face. Usually my nose and forehead will burn.
As for the claims of reversing the signs of aging.. well, I really didn't see any difference in fine lines. They are all still there in their fine and fabulous glory! However, my skintone does seem more even, but that could be to the fact that even though I didn't burn, after being the sun all day I still did get some colour which naturally evens things out. So, the verdict is out on that one. As for dullness, well considering how moisturizing it was and my dry skin is lo longer dry, then yes, the dullness disappeared with that!
All in all, I love these lotions and would definitely buy them again.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

FOTD June 14, 2009



Red Brick
Swiss Chocolate
Goldenair g/l
Glamourgold g/l
MARK Iced Cookie l/g
Avon Buttered Rum l/s
Avon Bronzer
Escada Pacific Paradise  

Sunday, June 14, 2009

FOTD June 13th 2009

IMG_0741IMG_0748  IMG_0745

Cool Heat
Au Contraire
Seedy Pearl
Iris Accents e/l
Rich Purple chromaline
Icon eyes e/l
NYC “410” l/s
Oyster Girl l/g
BeneFit Hoola
Too Faced Snowbunny
Rose Quartz blush
DollyMix blush

FOTD June 12th, 2009

IMG_0735IMG_0740  IMG_0739

Pure White c/c
Graphito paint
Body Shop Summer Shimmer Cube
MUFE 14L (white) e/l
BeneFit High Brow
Black Russian e/l
Pink Freeze l/s
Icescape l/g
Well Dressed blush
Perfume – Creed Spring Flower

FOTD June 11th, 2009

IMG_0726IMG_0725  IMG_0724

Chartru paint
Penny s/s
Rose Blank e/s
Golden Olive pigment
Bronze e/s
BeneFit Gilded
Rosemary & Thyme e/k
Liquidlast liner
EL Copper Glow l/s
Avon Vanilla Bronze gloss
Avon Bronzer
Avon Golden Glow brush

FOTD June 10th, 2009

IMG_0705IMG_0714  IMG_0713

Sweet Lust
Teal Pigment
Feline e/k
Peacocked e/l
Peacocky g/l
Giddy l/s
Funtabulous d/g
Rose Quartz Blush
Sweet & Shy Glimmershimmer

Thursday, June 11, 2009

FOTD May 9th, 2009

IMG_0637IMG_0639IMG_0652   IMG_0650

Lily White pigment
Golders Green pigment
Bright Coral pigment
Buttery e/k
Feline e/k
BeneFit Hoola
BeneFit Coralista
Frenzy l/s
Utterly Posh d/g
Creamkiss l/l
LAMB Perfume 

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Product Review: Biotherm Biocils Express Makeup Remover for the eyes

As I mentioned in my last review, I like a really hardcore eyemakeup remover! And this stuff is my holy grail!

From the Biotherm website:

  • This gentle, fluid, two-phased formula quickly dissolves waterproof makeup while gently cleansing eye contour without leaving an oily film. Waterproof and non-greasy, suitable for senstitive eyes and contact lens wearers.
The above says it all, and aside fom not being able to vouch for the part about contact lenses since I don't wear them, I find their claims to be 100% accurate. I LOVE this stuff. It removes my most stubborn waterproof eyemakeup with very little rubbing and leaves my skin feeling soft. It doesn't leave a really oily film on my eyeballs like some other two-phase or oil based makeup removers. For $27.00 CAN for 125mL, I find this to be a reasonable price as it lasts a very long time since I don't need to use a lot. I always stock up when Biotherm has one of their great bonuses!