Friday, December 17, 2010

A new day - A new life - Some beauty on a budget!

Well, it has been a crazy year and a half for me. I have moved from Ontario, Canada to California, USA (near San Francisco). I am now on a strict beauty budget and don't even have all of my makeup / skincare with me here. But somehow, I have managed with only the basics!

So today, I'd like to hear what your budget beauty tips are. Mine is a must have for everyone - Moisturizer. I do love a good, expensive, luxurious cream, but that isn't always an option. So when I am trying to save, I always reach for the Cetaphil lotion. It is lightweight, but moisturizing enough for my very dry skin. I am also acne prone, and it never causes me to break out. Also, for any of you who get irritated skin in the winter (eczema, redness, itchiness), this cream is actually very soothing and calming. There is just something about it that when my skin starts to get angry at the weather, Cetaphil will calm it right down!

I have really missed being part of the beauty blogging community! I hope to be around much more often again!

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