Friday, May 29, 2009

Product Review: Elizabeth Arden All Gone Eye and Lip Makeup Remover

I really need a good eye makeup remover. I use a lot of makeup on my eyes since I really enjoy playing them up. I generally use some kind of base, then eyeshadow, and tonnes of mascara, and more often than not I am using some kind of waterproof liner or glitter. Because of this, I always pick an eye makeup remover that is oil based.

From the Elizabeth Arden website:

  • This two phase formulation easily and gently removes even transfer resistant and waterproof makeup. Fragrance free.

This does a nice job on light-medium eye makeup, and with a bit of scrubbing can remove heavier makeup. However, I find the oil content too low, so when removing my eye makeup, it feels a bit too abrasive. For me, a really oily makeup remover feels silky and my makeup just slides off with little effort. I have sensitive skin and don't like to have to rub too hard. So this one is up there, but not *quite* at the top. That being said, it is much better than any one single phase, gel or cream based eye makeup removers I have used. At $16.00 US the price is reasonable, but I find I use a lot more than my normal brand, which I will review later on!


  1. I'm interested in this, thanks for the review :) I find no matter what MU remover I use, there's still some colours left behind

  2. I used this for a while when i switched to Elizabeth Arden skincare. But I always go back to the Lancome one, it will always be my favourite!