Thursday, July 28, 2011

My Acne Arsenal!


At 34, I still get breakouts, especially on my chin and a little bit around my nose.  I never had breakouts in my teens... go figure!!!  I have tried prescriptions, including a retinol product, which works wonders, but makes my skin dry, sensitive and sometimes rather painful.  For the small breakouts that I do get, I really don't need something so strong.  So here is my every day solution...

In the morning, I use the Tea Tree Concealer stick from the Body Shop.  It is thick enough that it covers blemishes well, but not so thick that it looks like a cakey mess.  The tea tree oil in the product also acts as an antiseptic.  The other reason I use this during the day is because it doesn't dry out my skin or leave me with flakies part way through the day like a Salacylic Acid product will.  Those have just never worked for me.

In the evening, before bed, OR on days when I don't need a lot of coverage, I use Clearasil's tinted acne treatment.  It is a Benzoyl Peroxide cream and has a very natural tint.  It covers well and in the morning, my skin is generally clear!  My boyfriend introduced me to this after years of buying expensive products.  Turns out, good ole Clearasil is my savior!  

I highly recommend both of these products.  They are gentle on the skin and very effective.  

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