Friday, January 2, 2009

Not just for mom's!

What is Lansinoh Lanolin?

Well, it's nipple cream for breastfeeding mothers. Yep, nipple cream. So what is a woman with no children doing reviewing this? I had heard from various skincare guru's that this is by far the best remedy for chapped lips. It just makes sense if you think about it. A sensitive area of skin, that stays moist will get chapped.

So being a lip balm addict (and I mean I am so addicted that I get very anxious if I realize I have left the house without one and will have to go to buy one immediately), I decided to give this a try. It is very thick, almost like a Vaseline, but much more viscous. After taking a couple of minutes with my wimpy muscles to actually squeeze some out of the tube, I applied it liberally to my lips and the area between my nose and lips which is also very dry this time of year.

Well, let me tell you - this stuff is sent from heaven. My lips have not felt this good in as long as I can remember, and my lipbalm addiction started before I was even a teenager. Ever find a product so good that you might cry? This is one of them for me. The other is ProActiv, but that is for another post. Lansinoh is made of 100% pure, preservative free Lanolin and is totally safe for the lips (as it is not even necessary for mothers to wipe it off before breastfeeding).

I have been using it for about 4 days now. Let's just hope that the effects last and that it's not one of those things that will stop working after a few days. You can find Lansinoh Lanonlin in the baby section of the drug store. If you're not so keen on carrying a giant tube of nipple cream, then do what I will be doing - squeeze some out into a cosmetic sample jar. You can buy the sample jars at the dollar store and will get several for a buck. Oh also, this is not very expensive at all considering you're just using it on your lips. This tube will last me a very a long time.
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  1. I had a tube left over from the babies and use it for everything and anything that is chapped or sore. It's great for those dry areas that will burn with regular lotion and my son will let me put it on him without his usual fight of "but it will sting!"

  2. Nipple cream for chapped lips eh? That is by far one of the weirdest things I've heard, but everything is worth a try. Great blog. Please stop by my blog Everyday Rococo when you get a chance. Thanks!