Thursday, January 1, 2009

Girl About Town

I decided to buy a couple of bolder, brighter lipsticks than I would normally wear. MAC's Girl About Town is one of them. It actually doesn't look all that bright here, because I do a lot of blotting when wearing a bold lip, but later on when I reapplied, it was much brighter. I am usually just a gloss kind of girl, so this was fun for me.

Now, I have major lip issues. Ever since I started wearing gloss when I was about 12 or 13, I realized that I had old lady lips. They are very dry, prone to flaking and they are wrinkly. My lipcolour always bleeds up into my lip wrinkles. So here is what I do to make sure my lipcolour looks good all day when wearing something dark or bright:

1. Exfoliate - I have a toothbrush just for my lips. I just dampen it with warm water and gently brush my lips to hel get rid of flakies. If they are really bad, I use an AHA lotion or cream on them.
2. Moisturize - I use a very thick moisturizer or balm.
3. Fill in the wrinkles - I use MAC's clear browset as a lipliner, or a waxy clear liner.
4. Fill in the whole lip with lipliner - I ony do this if I don't mind changing the lip colour a bit. When I am using reds, I always use a Creamstick liner underneath to really set it in place. The Girl About Town lipstick I used without a liner as I wanted to keep the colour true.
5. Apply lipstick with a lipbrush.
6. Blot with tissue.
7. Dab on a little bit of blow or translucent setting powder.
8. Apply another layer of lipstick with a lipbrush.
9. Blot again with tissue.

If I ever want to use gloss, I can only use a tiny bit, and never all the way to the edges of my lips or I will undo all the bleeding-prevention measures I just took. When reapplying, always use a brush and blot again.

What are your tips for keeping a bold lip looking great?
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  1. Glad to see you with Girl About Town. It's on my to buy list as I like it better than the new Dame Edna pink. Your process sounds about like mine. So much work, but I love a bright lip!

  2. I bought it exactly for that reason! One of the MA's at the store was wearing Gladiola, and it looked amazing on her, bt when I swiped it on my skin it really wasn't for me. So I went looking for something similar, but less purple and found Girl About Town. :)

  3. Wow, so pretty! I use a lip primer, a lip liner, fill in the lipstick with a brush and as a finish, I use some Mineralize powder from MAC together with the angeld #266 brush and create a line all around the mouth with the powder. Helps it from bleeding! Like this:

    It also creates the perfect sharp edge.

  4. Great tip! I am definitely going to give that a try with the powder around the edges!